Child who sucks a finger and risks to oral health

Child who sucks a finger and risks to oral health

Discover how sucking a finger can harm your child’s oral health

Many children are in the habit of sucking a finger, but although many parents allow it, few know the problem that this mania can bring to the health of the mouth of the little ones. So it is important to take care of your child and make him stop sucking his finger.

Thinking about how to help you, Suelness Living decided to show the problems that this action can bring to the child’s oral health. Read the text to the end and check out everything on the subject!

Why can sucking a finger harm the health of the mouth?

You may even find it cute when your child starts to suck his finger, but this habit is not so cute for his mouth. This is because sucking your finger causes changes not only in the dental arch, but also in the entire structure of the face, which can cause breathing problems, speech, chewing and swallowing.

In addition, it can cause more severe complications. When the habit becomes constant, the changes can affect the entire bone block, impairing the occlusion process and the sealing of the lips.

As a result, bone growth is delayed, causing poor dental positions and imbalance of the mouth muscles.

In addition, the tongue takes up more space in the mouth, causing the child to stop breathing through the nose.

Many children tend to suck on the thumb, but there are cases where both the thumb and forefinger are used. Thus, the gesture of sucking the fingers alters the dentition, causing crooked teeth and out of place. 

How to deal with the problem?

The first step is to find out the causes that led your child to start the habit. It is very important that you thoroughly investigate the root of this.

There are many reasons for a child to suck a finger, such as boredom, stress and anxiety. So it is very important to get your child to create new routine habits to relieve tension and occupy the mind.

Games that use hands are strong allies. So, get your child to start modeling clay or painting with watercolors. Find out what he likes to do and always encourage.

However, if you notice that he has emotional conditions and that mania started to appear after a personal loss, for example, then seek psychological help so that the condition can improve.

You can also look for a child dentist who will contribute to the situation. In many cases, the contribution of an orthodontist with a psychologist and speech therapist will be required.

When the child stops sucking the finger before the permanent teeth are born, there are chances of self-correction of the deviations of the arch. However, if the habit remains, only the specialized dentist will be able to determine correction procedures.

Sucking your finger is a bad habit that can harm your child’s health. So keep an eye out and do everything possible to stop him from the mania. 

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