Cleaning and Maintenance of Orthodontic Appliances in Quarantine

Cleaning and maintenance of orthodontic

Even at home, care must remain. see how

With social isolation many of us cut back or postpone visits to doctors and dentists. And for those who use orthodontic appliances and are in the middle of treatment, it was no different.

Even at home, some precautions are essential and, therefore, we separate tips for you to continue taking care of your smile and your device at home.

Use Delivery to Your Advantage

Within each person’s reality, it is very important to stay at home and minimize any unnecessary risk or exposure. Therefore, delivery services are important allies. 

It goes for purchases of the month, but also for any item related to the care of your smile and your device. 

In addition, buying online has access to better prices and you can search more calmly, thus guaranteeing some savings. Another advantage is that, as cleaning rods and other items of hygiene of your appliance have extensive validity, it can be a good look for promotions and kits to guarantee a few months of products! 

Keep Appliances Clean to Prevent Infection

As we spend more time at home, it is natural to make more snacks between meals. And that means that the maintenance and cleaning of the devices must also increase. 
Your oral health is security against a range of illnesses. Therefore, maintaining the cleaning routine is another step to protect yourself. Among the general care, pay attention to:

  •  Mobile devices must be removed for feeding (unless the dentist is instructed to feed yourself with the device).
  •  If possible, brush the tooth before placing the mobile device.
  • Clean the appliance according to your dentist’s instructions. 

Visits to the Dentist

If a visit is necessary to perform your periodic maintenance, make sure that the dentist follows all WHO guidelines for your protection and his. So you can continue with the treatment, safely.

The rules include the use of masks and acrylic protection, use of foot protection, offering alcohol gel for disinfection before sitting on the chair and the chair’s own protection for the procedures.

If it is a non-emergency appointment, check that the dentist is attending normally and schedule your appointment.  

If you have a fever on the day of the appointment, notify the dentist and clear your appointment.

With care, planning and good professionals, your dental device will follow as an excellent solution to guarantee your smile!

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