Cycle: Discover 10 Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycle Discover 10 Health Benefits of Cycling

Losing weight, gaining breath and muscle tone: cycling can change your life

In a world that keeps changing, the use of bicycles as a means of transport increases more and more. Whether to escape traffic jams or to adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are plenty of reasons to start cycling.  

In addition to being a cheap and sustainable means of transport, the bicycle is also a tool for those who just want to exercise. And its use, no matter for what purpose, is only good for your health! Want to know what benefits you can have when cycling? MetLife has listed 10 for you!

1. Weight loss

Cycling is an exercise that speeds up your metabolism, that is, it makes your body burn calories faster. The result is less fat accumulation in the body and, consequently, a leaner silhouette.

2. Improves muscle tone

Like all physical exercise, pedaling requires muscle strength. Therefore, cycling regularly will gain muscle strength and tone, especially in the lower part of your body. Pushing the pedals involves your quadriceps, your thigh muscles, and your glutes. The arms and shoulders are also used, especially when holding the handlebars on both sides to climb steep hills. 

3. Provides well-being

Have you ever seen someone pedaling with an expression of anger or sadness? Probably not, since cycling causes your body to release endorphins and serotonins, hormones that cause a sensation of pleasure.

So, in addition to doing good for the body, riding a bike helps fight depression, anxiety and stress.

4. Increases your breath

If you’ve ever seen a cyclist climbing a steep slope, you may have wondered: how does he do it? The answer lies in the reinforced lungs.

When you pedal, you need more oxygen and end up exercising your breathing more. Over time, it starts to gain breath to endure not only the long climbs, but cycling for long distances.

The gain of physical resistance goes beyond the moments of pedaling and will be useful for all the activities of your daily life, such as playing with your children and climbing stairs.

5. Does not harm joints

Unlike other activities, such as running, cycling, your contact with the ground is not in charge of your legs and feet. This makes the impact transmitted to the joints, especially on the feet and knees, small.

So if you have any physical restrictions for activities like running, playing tennis or football, you already know that the solution is to invest in the bicycle. 

6. Reduces cholesterol

Cycling, as you already know, speeds up metabolism. This causes substances that generate bad cholesterol (LDL) to be burned quickly by your body. 

7. Helps prevent and control diabetes

A diabetic person can and should practice physical exercise and cycling is one of the best for this group of people. Cycling regularly helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications.

Who is not diabetic but wants to prevent the disease should also include this activity in the routine!

8. Controls blood pressure

Biking tones your muscles you already know. What many people are unaware of is that cycling also works the veins and arteries. Their contraction and relaxation process is faster during activity, which helps to lower blood pressure. Your heart thanks you!

9. Improves motor coordination

Cycling is fun and also helps to improve your motor coordination. As the activity involves the whole body (arms, legs, hands), it still makes you have quicker reflexes.

10. Assists in the recovery of bone injuries and arthritis

Because it is a low impact exercise, riding a bike contributing to joint health, preventing falls and fractures. It is an ideal physical exercise to prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. 

Did you see how changing your car for a bicycle, at least once in a while, can change your life? This activity, accompanied by a healthy diet and regular visits to the doctor, will improve – and greatly – your quality of life! So let’s ride!

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