Foods that Satisfy and Help us Control Hunger

When we are hungry between meals, we almost always opt for unhealthy foods that fill us up for a moment but, in a few minutes, make us want to eat again.

In this way, we choose unhealthy snacks that fill us up at that moment but not so much that we can go without eating until the next meal.

This usually occurs in people who carry out food restriction diets, since the prohibition of eating some foods tempts us to eat them when we are very hungry.

A study carried out by the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, ensures that ” controlling appetite is essential to control obesity.” In this process is where two hormones of the human body appear: Leptin and Ghrelin.

From the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO) they explain that “Ghrelin is the hormone that awakens the sensation of hunger”, and, on the contrary, “Leptin is the one that sends the signal to the brain that we are already sated ” .

Thus, people who secrete more Ghrelin than Leptin are hungrier. Therefore, it is essential to promote the production of Leptin in order to feel satiated more quickly.

Increase the production of Leptin to feel satiated

With the aim of increasing the production of Leptin, from the IMEO they propose to carry out a series of habits.

Thus, these professionals ensure that, to increase Leptin, 30% of our daily food must be protein , since this type of nutrient, which is obtained through dairy products, meat, legumes and nuts, among others, makes us we feel full more quickly.

On the other hand, it is essential to take Omega 3 , through food supplements or fish oil; as well as eating foods rich in Zinc , such as red meat, oysters and whole grains.

Experts point out that, to increase the production of Leptin, we should not skip meals , since fasting lowers the levels of this hormone. Likewise, daily physical exercise is essential .

What foods fill us up the most?

To keep us out of obesity and stay satiated for longer, professionals from the European Obesity Medical Institute highlight different foods that help us control hunger.

First of all, mint is one of those foods, since its smell and taste “help reduce appetite”. In that case, it may be a good option to take sugar-free gum or mental candy.

On the other hand, nuts are also satiating , due to their great source of protein and fiber. This food is digested very slowly, which is why “it greatly helps to control appetite”.

Another food that can help control hunger is oatmeal , thanks to the production of cholecystokinin; carrots , since they contain a type of special fibers that are very satiating; and the avocado , which contains monounsaturated fats that control the appetite, although always consuming them in moderation.

Finally, there are also some drinks that can help us feel full. This is the case of green tea , because thanks to its powerful antioxidants, the catechins, accelerate metabolism and facilitate the combustion of fats, directly affecting the production of Leptin.

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