Know the Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Know the Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Hydrating yourself with water is a fundamental part of your body’s health

Throughout life we ​​can change houses, cities and even careers, but some habits need to be maintained. One is water consumption. Without water, we do not exist, as we are made up of more than 50% water.

We at Suelness Living care about your health and well-being. And in order for you to maintain healthy habits, let’s talk about the importance and benefits of drinking water.

Understand the Importance of Keeping Your Body Hydrated

Our body is composed mostly of water, 60% for men and 50% to 55% for women. Therefore, keeping your body always hydrated is essential to promote its proper functioning.

The lack of water in our body can promote dehydration, a process that affects our organs, systems and even sensations in different ways.

Symptoms of low water consumption are:


When our body becomes dehydrated, some functions are reduced, causing tiredness. It is persistent and usually affects both physical and mental, making it more difficult to perform activities such as working or studying.


When consuming less water than necessary, the body temperature increases, causing the blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, and headaches can arise.

Dry Skin

The skin is another organ that is affected due to low water consumption. It can become dry and, in more severe cases, eczema, which are common infections in adults and children, may appear. Although the cause of the appearance of eczema is not only the lack of hydration, this is one of the factors.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Blood Pressure Control

Our blood is made up of about 65% water. Therefore, when drinking the necessary amount of water, blood pressure remains in balance. However, when we consume little water, the blood begins to become denser, changing blood pressure.

Improves Bowel Function

Water has an important function for the intestine. It lubricates the intestinal walls and assists in the movement of the fecal bolus. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of constipation, which is the difficulty of going to the bathroom, and the formation of gases.

Protects Against Kidney Stone

The kidneys are the organs of the body responsible for filtering the blood and excreting nutrients that are no longer needed by our body. When we drink enough water a day, the blood becomes more diluted and circulates better.

Therefore, the kidneys work properly, preventing stones – kidney stones – from forming.

Nutrient Transport

Water also plays an important role in the transport of nutrients throughout the body. This transport takes place by blood, which is composed of 55% water for women and 60% for men. When the blood is less water, it becomes more dense, making it difficult to transport nutrients.

Each adult should drink an amount of water proportional to their weight, at the rate of 30 ml per kg. An adult of 80 kg, for example, must consume 2.4 liters per day. to keep all body functions working properly and not get dehydrated. This consumption can increase in the summer, since in this period we sweat more.

The correct thing is to drink water throughout the day and not take it all at once. Thus, you keep your kidneys, blood and other organs in perfect working order. To help you not forget the water, carry a bottle with you to always be hydrated.

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